Winter Woods Book Club

If you love to read, this book club is for you. The Winter Woods Book-Fans Club is a group where Winter Publishing House will offer you advanced reader copies of all their books for free, you’ll get opportunities to join in on online book tours (this is ideal for the Instagrammer, Blogger, Podcaster, Youtuber, or other social media avenue, as all that’s required is a post to help us spread the word at a book release) and you’ll get exclusive access to draws for prizes, such as books, merch, jewelry, etc. This is every book lover’s dream. Get free stuff in exchange for reading books!

Every time there’s an online tour, or available ARC books, you will have first dibs if you’re in this group. You can opt out of the ones you’re not interested in, or you can jump on board and join in the tour or arc team. It’s a great community to be a part of!

The online tours are scheduled ahead of time, and in addition to getting whatever book is on tour for free (and often before the rest of the world gets it) anyone who participates can enter into draws for awesome prizes. (Sometimes the author on tour will mail fun thank-you gifts right to your door, too!) Who doesn’t like free bookish stuff?

In addition, your social media post will be reposted on multiple Instagram, Facebook Pages, and in our newsletter for a chance to grow your own social following.

What’s involved:
To be a part of a tour, you simply have to read the book (or as much as you’re able in the time allotted) and do a post on your social media platform(s) with a review of the book and a photo of the book (we will provide photos to those who want them!)

In addition, we’re hoping you will post your review on Amazon and on Goodreads to help support the author.

ARC books (Advanced Reader Copies) will be offered to those in the Book Club first. (For those who don’t know what an ARC is, it’s a copy of the book that you get for free before it’s published, in exchange for leaving a review of the book.)

Most of our genres are fantasy, but we also have Christian/Self-Help/others.

If you love books, want to support authors, and our mission to encourage unplugged family time, get free ebooks, and get free bookish gifts, this is for you!

We cannot thank you enough for helping in these areas, and for supporting authors by being involved!

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