Though the Covid 19 pandemic has put our fundraisers on hold, our Fundraising Program is available to schools, local missionaries, and class trips. (If you have a fundraiser not in the above categories and would like to inquire if you’re able to fundraise with us, please send us a message!)

Winter Publishing House is committed to investing in unplugged family time. Our book fundraisers are a great way to support our causes while we help to financially support yours. Our goal is to encourage families to unplug and turn off their phones for periods of time over various holidays, and to encourage reading at home.

With a generous portion of book sales going directly to your fundraiser, this option is great for anyone who wants to give something back to the people who give money to your cause.

Paperback fundraisers are available to the KW Region/Stratford/Cambridge/Woodstock and other local areas in Southern Ontario, Canada (we provide book delivery to host location/schools, and classroom sorting for easy distribution.)

Join our email list to stay in the loop about fundraising opportunities, or visit our Contact page if you have an inquiry.