Free Book Days

A Soul as Cold as Frost is a Christmas-themed Christian Fantasy similar to The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis, and the story of The Nutcracker.

Parental advisory: This book contains mild language with the usage of the British word “bloody” and has some action sequences that may be frightening for young children under the age of 9.

This Year’s Free Book Days are May 11th-15th.

To encourage family bonding time and to stimulate a love for reading in youth and young adults, Winter Publishing House has made the ebook of A Soul as Cold as Frost (Book #1 of The Winter Souls Series) FREE on Amazon between the dates of May 11th – May 15th 2022.

We’re inviting you to participate in a variety of reading challenges for the week of May 11th-18th, and to share about your experiences as you go!

Spend a week reading A Soul as Cold as Frost, and chat about it via one of the methods below!

Download your ebook of A Soul as Cold as Frost: Free between May 11th – May 15th.

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Ways to Get Involved

Individual Readers
For individual readers who want to participate in our free book reading challenge, you’re welcome to participate in the discussion in our Facebook Readers Group. Or, if you have social media, you can join the conversation by posting with the hashtag #WPHfreebookdays to let us know your thoughts as you read!

Parents and Kids Reading Challenge
A Soul as Cold as Frost is appropriate for ages 10+ with parental discretion for action sequences, etc. It’s often compared to The Chronicles of Narnia in its age appropriateness/action level. To encourage family bonding time over books, we’re inviting parents to download the ebook of A Soul as Cold as Frost and read a few chapters to your kids every day, or before bed each night.

Churches and Youth Groups
For our free book days, we’re encouraging church youth groups, young adult groups, and upper middle grade groups to participate in short term book club meets to discuss the book and the themes of faith within it. Download discussion questions for your group or church library.

Classrooms, Libraries, and Book Clubs
For teachers of teens, established book clubs, or community libraries, we’re inviting you to get involved with pre-existing discussion questions for your classroom or book club!