Into the Wardrobe: Christian Book Tour

Into the Wardrobe: A Christian Fantasy Book Tour

This book tour is for teen/Young Adult Christian Fantasy books that are clean, and have references to faith/Christian themes. Unfortunately, the reality is that there are many books available to our teenagers these days that contain content we wish we could screen. Thus, why we’ve decided to put together a Christian Fantasy-specific book tour to help spread the word about great options with fantastic storytelling that will feed us good messages of hope.

Churches/Podcasters/Bloggers, etc: If you are looking for the sign up form to be able to post about the tour on your social media/newsletters, please go to the sign up page on the Winter Woods Book Club website, here.

Information For Authors:

If you would like to apply to have your book considered for this tour, please use the form below.

Titles will be chosen based on a variety of things, including book content, professional editing/storytelling, cover(s), formats available (ebook/paper/hardcover/audio) author marketing/social sites, newsletters, and several more factors. Each of these are important for tour success, so please understand that if you’re book is not chosen, it could be for any number of reasons and likely has nothing to do with whether or not you’ve written an excellent book.

*Authors on the tour will be asked to share about the tour in their newsletters, and on their social media platforms 2-4 times during the tour to help boost tour visibility.* But we will provide a reminder ahead of time, along with graphics and promotional material that every author has the option to use.

Please also know that the titles selected for the tour won’t be decided until the summer of 2022, so you may not hear back from us about it until then. Due to the volume of applications, we will only notify those who have been accepted (we apologize for any inconvenience.) It’s also important to know that we have a limited number of spots. Only a few books will be able to participate, and we anticipate many applications, so again, please do not take it personally if your book isn’t chosen this year.

The last thing that’s important to know for any authors whose books are chosen, is that there may be a feature book(s) on the tour for the purposes of fundraising for a charity, or another charity aspect (we are still going over the details of this, but we will pitch the idea to the on-tour authors once we have the details finalized.)

We do prefer that authors are willing to give away a free copy (or possibly multiple copies) of their book(s) in ebook format (so a download link would be necessary) for the sake of contests, thank you gifts to those who help promote the tour, etc. But this is not a requirement, and no download link would ever be shared except by the specific author themselves unless otherwise requested.

Only apply with 1 book/book series per pen name, please. Thank you for applying to the Into the Wardrobe Tour!