WPH Launch

As time is propelling us forward into this new world of the unknown–where masks are no longer a special fashion statement on Halloween, but have instead become part of our everyday wardrobe, and the words “physical distancing” are part of our day-to-day language–we’re faced with plenty of questions about what the world will look like several months from now. A year from now. Five years from now. But amidst these uncertainties, we know that quitting isn’t an option. Adjusting, adapting, and creativity, however, are the true magical elements that will let us rise above it all, and keep our businesses running.

With plenty of plans for the future that got put on hold during the Covid 19 pandemic, we’re reevaluating our marketing strategies and coming up with new plans. Because–adjust, adapt, and be creative. That’s how we win against Covid 19.

As it stands, we have one new book (our Bookstore’s debut book!) A Soul as Cold as Frost by Jennifer Kropf (WPH Founder) and we’ll be giving updates as it comes along.

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Unfortunately we are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts for publication at this time, though we do wish every author the absolute best in all their publishing endeavors.